6 Things to Do After Moving Into Your New Home

6 Things to Do After Moving Into Your New Home

  • Monica Blanco
  • 01/12/22

If you have joined the ranks of residents of new homes in Alpharetta, you’re probably experiencing a mixture of joy and relief — joy because you’ve achieved the American dream, and relief because the buying process probably got a bit stressful at times.

Now that the moving van has pulled away, you’ve got a lot of work ahead to really make it your home. First things first: Take a deep breath and come up with a plan. You won’t get everything unpacked and in place in a day or even a week. But if you follow a checklist, you can get it done in an orderly fashion. As well as setting up your new household, you need to confirm that various utilities are hooked up, the Wi-Fi and cable are working and the post office has your new address.

There are a number of ways you can attack these tasks in single-family homes in Alpharetta. Here are some suggestions.

Give it the once-over

You most likely did a walkthrough with your Alpharetta realtor and the sellers and their agent the day before the deal closed. If anything was amiss or not as the sellers promised, that would have been the time to bring it up.

Even if everything looked good during the walkthrough, you’ll still want to give your home the once-over once it is actually yours. That’s just to make sure that the sellers didn’t damage anything during their final hours of owning the home, took certain items they had agreed to leave, or swapped out an item or fixture that had been promised with something of lesser value. If that’s the case, call your agent and he or she will work to rectify the situation.

Paint, if possible

There’s a pretty good chance that the seller followed standard advice and painted the interior of homes for sale in Alpharetta in a neutral color such as off-white, beige, or gray. And there’s a pretty good chance you want to paint your new rooms in your favorite colors.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional painter, now’s the time to do it. It might mean living out of boxes for a few more days, but you’ll be relieved and pleased to have it out of the way.

You’ll need to stack boxes in the center of the various rooms and move furniture and the beds away from walls. If the walls only need one coat of paint, great. If they need two, have the second coat applied as soon as possible. Once the paint has dried, you can begin placing your furniture where you want it in your bright, colorful rooms.

It would be even better if you can get into houses for sale in Alpharetta a few days before closing and begin the task then. That might not be possible, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Other projects

If any other minor renovations or repairs need to be made to your home, do them now so you can begin fully enjoying your big investment as soon as possible. It will be better to put up with the minor inconvenience now than having to do it later on and disrupt your daily lives once you’ve settled in.

If a carpet upgrade was part of the purchase agreement, try to get that done before you move in. If you sold a home in tandem with buying your new residence, you might be able to come to an agreement that would allow you to stay in your old house for a few more days while having work done on the new one.


The same goes for cleaning. Hopefully, the sellers left your new Alpharetta real estate in great shape, but it doesn’t hurt to check every room to see if they missed something, or there might be a mess left from the move-in. Again, it’s better to address it now and get it out of the way. There’s nothing better than starting out in a fresh, clean home.

Inventory your items

If you hired a professional mover, they will have given you a master list of all your possessions, including pieces of furniture and the number of boxes. They also will have marked them for which room they need to go in. Reconcile the list to make sure everything made it out of the moving van and into the house.

As you unpack boxes in single-family homes in Alpharetta, check all items for damage. If it appears that anything was damaged or lost during the move, contact the movers and ask them to pay for a new item or to have a damaged item repaired. Do this as soon as possible to make sure the moving company fulfills its obligations.

Unpack the necessities

As you packed up your old house, you should have organized boxes so you can quickly unpack necessities as soon as you’ve moved into your Alpharetta property. These items include toiletries and medicine, the clothes you’ll need for your first several days in the house, and items such as tools that you’ll need for hanging your big screen TV and doing other tasks.

Near the top of that list will be kitchen items such as pots and pans, plates, silverware, and other items you’ll need for cooking. You don’t want to be eating takeout for too long.

If you’ve moved into new homes in Alpharetta, double-check that everything that was promised by the builder has been completed. If not, contact the builder directly or ask your Alpharetta realtor to do it.

These are the immediate things you need to do once you’ve moved into new homes in Alpharetta. There will be many more things to do to get your dream house up and running and learn the lay of the land in your new neighborhood. 

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